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Combining practitioner experience with CDFI strategy expertise
Welcome to The Eckblad Group
The Eckblad Group is a specialized advisory firm with expertise in helping CDFIs, microfinance institutions, and economic development organizations fulfill their important missions. Our own mission-driven organization helps those that empower small businesses and entrepreneurs who are otherwise underserved, underbanked, and/or undervalued. While we offer a range of services, The Eckblad Group’s reputation is built on its specific expertise in financial performance, compliance and preparation for Aeris™ assessments. Our collective background includes senior level experience in the development, growth, and sustainability of CDFI organizations, and we remain focused on upholding our strong and proven track record of results. 
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Our Culture
We are highly motivated to offer support to clients who are doing meaningful work in places where the livelihoods of at-risk communities hang in the balance. As is the case with your organization, The Eckblad Group is in business not to maximize profits, but to focus our daily work on strengthening communities through high-quality economic development. It is fair to say we at The Eckblad Group are devoted believers in the notion that ethical, transparent financial services are a vehicle of change in communities that are the most in need, at risk, and undervalued. We expect to share these values with our clients, without exception. To that end, we do not turn down any compelling clients on the basis of financial capacity. We are committed to working with your organization in a way that returns quantifiable benefits, including tailoring our services to fit your organization’s profile.
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