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Organizational Development Opportunities
The Eckblad group will focus on how well the organization manages its best assets – Staff, Board Members and other external committees. TEG will complete a comprehensive site visit including procedure review and interviews with team members.

Goal: To guide your team through identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies that may be obstacles to scaling your mission. Topics may include Policy/Staff review, Board effectiveness & Fundraising efforts.

Outcome: A comprehensive report analyzing your organization’s strategic direction, how that could be served more efficiently, systems for tracking progress and how you can best empower the team you have assembled.

TEG can also provide the facilitation of Board Retreats and Staff Development Sessions.  

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Loan Fund Analysis
The Eckblad Group brings years of business ownership, practitioner and CDFI experience to your organization in evaluating the effectiveness of its current loan fund operations or supporting the development of future operations.

Goal:  To evaluate the delivery and effectiveness of the loan fund’s social mission, its operations and financial strength, and to determine the existence of possible inefficiencies. While on site, industry best practices will be discussed and evaluated as a means to improve your organization’s impact and scalability.

Outcome:  After initial fact finding and loan process evaluation, TEG will work with your organization’s team to better define roles and SOPS within the lending function as your organization prepares for growth.
When necessary, TEG can laser focus its work in the areas of Underwriting and Risk Mitigation Strategies, Collections and Asset Recovery.

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Aeris Review Roadmap
The Eckblad Group has taken our unique expertise and created the most comprehensive Aeris rubric available to date. TEG administers the evaluation of the organization against the rubric via an onsite visit.

Goal:  To evaluate your organization’s financial strength and performance, health of the organizational structure, partnership development, market assessments, and KPIs/system development as it relates to performance and impact.

Outcome: A comprehensive report identifying gaps and weaknesses in the two Aeris ratings areas as well as detailed and actionable recommendations on broadening your mission and competencies in preparation for the Aeris Review.

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Holistic Technical Assistance & Advisory Services
The Eckblad Group brings a passion for Technical Assistance to its work because IT WORKS. It works for the organization and it works for the community in which it serves.

Goal: To help your organization evaluate current TA services provided and/or determine what TA model is best suited for your organization’s present or future lending operations.

Outcome:  To support the organization in its implementation of that model. Specifically, identifying staff, community members or private sources that can be tapped to be most effective and then outlining feasible ways to integrate those resources.

The Eckblad Group can also provide organizations with direct TA support on a case-by-case basis.

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CDFI Certification and Grant Writing
The Eckblad Group combines its in-depth knowledge of CDFI strategy and best practices to support your organization’s CDFI specific goals.

Goal:  To assist in your organization’s growth and revenue generation through CDFI specific methods.

Outcome:  TEG will provide as much or as little assistance as requested in narrating your organization’s story throughout the application process for CDFI certification and/or TA and FA grant awards. This may include generating projections, reviewing policies and procedures, evaluating mission impacts, editing draft applications, support within AMIS or drafting the organization’s narrative in its entirety.

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